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    Kim Abeles
Smog Collectors    Mountain Wedge
Kim Abeles is an artist who crosses disciplines and media to explore and map the urban environment and chronicle broad social issues. The Smog Collectors materialize the reality of the air we breath.

    Ben Pinder
Return to Symzonia    City State of America
Pinder takes a satirical view of American foreign and environmental policies. His works envision the colonization of Antarctica as temperatures warm to make the continent more livable.
sculpture, drawing, performance

Eclipse ERAR-AT
Cary Peppermint and Leila Christine Nadir founded EcoArtTech as their collaborative platform for digital environmental art in 2005. "Eclipse" is a user driven, artwork-application that alters and corrupts networked photostreams of United States national and state parks based on real-time Air Quality Index (particle pollution data). "ERAR-AT (Environmental Risk Assessment Rover)" is a mobile, solar- and GPS-powered, networked video installation that will accumulate and aggregate the environmental threats and risks faced by the population in its immediate location. ERAR-AT performs the difficulty of perceiving, evaluating, and understanding risk scenarios and presents an assessment of its given locale by producing a unique fourteen-tiered threat level embedded live within video projections onto local natural and architectural surfaces. EcoArtTech has created many projects and exhibits connecting environmental concerns with new technologies.
sculpture, video & new media,

    Rebecca Davis
Eco Sculpture    Photo Collage
In Davis' words, "My work reflects my anxiety about the pollution produced by our synthetic culture. The effect pollution has on the earth's environment is the conceptual core of my sculpture and photo collage. In my work, I combine elements of wilderness and the products of human culture." She carves miniature glaciers out of marble and pours oozing black rubber on them. These sculptures get reused in her photo collages, placed as icebergs floating in sea.
sculpture, photography

    Nele Azevedo
Melting Men    More Melting Men photos    More photos     GreenMuze Interview
Azevedo is a Brazilian artist who has exhibited her installation "Minimum Monument" in cities all over the world. While her intention is to critique monuments, putting in their place small ephemeral ice sculptures of many common men, the Melting Men project has been followed by environmentalists. As a public installation of tiny melting figures, it seems to speak clearly about the dangers of climate change.
sculpture, installation

    Joshua Allen Harris
Inflating Polar Bears    More Photos
Harris turns garbage bags into sculptures that live over subway air vents and inflate when a train goes by. His polar bear scupltures, which slowly fall when the air that inflated them is gone, are poignant reminders of the peril these bears are in due to climate change.
sculpture, installation

    Janey Hunt
Resolutions Exchange     Escape     Conscience Offsets
As an artist and researcher Hunt works in the field of climate change and environmental behaviour. Her current work explores the tension between our recognition of need, but then our inability to change our own behaviour. Posing herself as a typical well-intentioned green aspirant, and provoked by her own admissions of failure, she uses conversation as both method and outcome, to encourage a sharing of experience and knowledge, frustration and achievement.
sculpture, installation, performance

    Future Farmers
Rainwater Greywater System     DIY Hydrogen     F.R.U.I.T.
Artist Residency Program    

Futurefarmers is a group of practitioners aligned through an open practice of making work that is relevant to the time and space surrounding us. Through collaboration, they explore the relationship of concept and creative process between interdisciplinary artists.
design, sculpture

    Jane Marsching
Arctic Listening Post     Platform 2     The Commons

Jane Marsching's current project, Arctic Listening Post, explores our past, present and future human impact on the Arctic environment through interdisciplinary and collaborative practices, including video installations, virtual landscapes, dynamic websites, and data visualizations.

photography, video, new media

    Andrea Polli
90 Degrees South     Cloud Car     Hello Weather

Andrea Polli is interested in global systems, the real time interconnectivity of these systems, and the effect of these systems on individuals. She currently works in collaboration with atmospheric scientists to develop systems for understanding storm and climate information through sound.

sound, new media

    Gail Wight
National Agenda     Gravity     Ground Plane

In attempts to understand thinking, Gail Wight has made maps of various nervous systems, worked on cognitive research projects, observed nerve development in vivo, choreographed synaptic responses, translated EEGs into music, among other projects.

new media

    Aviva Rahmani
Ghost Nets     We Raped the Earth     Blog

Aviva Rahmani's art work has reflected environmental and social concerns throughout her forty-year career. Her projects range from complete landscape restorations to museum venues that reference painting, sound and photography. Her blog addresses ecological restoration and our relationship to global warming.

painting, sculpture, new media, photography

    Adriane Colburn
Arctic Ice     Arctic Suns

In her most recent works, Colburn references systems that we utilize in everyday life, but are largely removed from our consciousness. Sprawling organisms such as urban sewer and water systems and the global network of pipes and refineries that develop and transport oil have been fodder for an investigation of the complex yet base, and at times grotesque, constructs that support modern society.

print & drawing, painting, sculpture, installation

    Chris Drury
Antarctica Project
Chris Drury investigates themes related to the environment, emphasizing cycles of destruction and regeneration in nature, and the ways that humans affect these processes.
painting, sculpture

    Rebecca Potts
Glacial Melt
Rebecca Potts is interested in human interaction with land: how we both alter and are altered by the land. Her current work searches for solutions and understanding of climate change. It specifically focuses on water's role in global warming: the melting of glaciers, sea-level rise, and the quickening loss of this blue-gold.
painting, sculpture, video, printmaking & drawing, photography

    Gary Braasch
Ice Under Fire     Warming Winds, Rising Tides     Pushing the Boundaries of Life

Gary Braasch is an environmental photographer who for 25 years has reported on natural history in many parts of the world. Since 1999, he has been working on a project titled "World View of Global Warming" in which he photographs areas on all continents that illustrate documented results of climate change and repeats historic photographs to show the changes. He works with environmental groups, scientists and editors to educate the public, urging government and corporate sectors to more directly address the reality of climate change.

photography, books

    James Balog
Extreme Ice Survey     Extreme Ice: NOVA     Extreme Ice: NOVA Program

For 25 years James Balog has consistently broken new ground in the art of photographing nature. He recently teamed up with scientists to document the runaway melting of arctic glaciers. This "Extreme Ice Survey" was aired on PBS's NOVA program on March 24, 2009 and can be viewed online as well.

photography, video