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The Olympics
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Website Loaded with Wonderful Resources
By grade, Subjects, Energy Sources, Species
Energy Game (Renewables / Non-renewables)
Transportation Game: Fuel Efficiency [drag & drop]
Climate Change Timeline  Birds & Climate Change
Planning for a Wind Farm  Wind Power Arguments
Biology   Chemistry   Physics
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Vancouver and its Citizens    
One Day Program:  Kids  Parents  Teachers  Schools
Sustainability:  Green Homes   Electric Vehicles
Climate Protection:  2 pg pdf    31pg (full report)

The European Space Agency
New satellite techniques for looking at climate change 
Space and Earth Monitoring - Climate
SMOS satellite & ocean salinity: Helping Europe respond to climate change
SMOS Mission: video (mp4)
International Arctic summer school 2009 - for PhD students
Search from within ESA site

More Planetwide:  Australia   Canada   Spain   UK   US

Public Awareness

Photos   FAQ   Resources
Kids Corner

Beijing Climate Center
Major and Extreme Weather/Climate Events Monitoring
Education and Training


Climate Change Education Saskatchewan
Resources for Educators    Youth Art Gallery
Curriculum Cross Referenced Materials -
For Elementary, Middle, & Secondary Schools
Mini Units - K-12
Musical Play about Climate Change for Students

Joint US-China Cooperation on Clean Energy
Mayoral Training   Lighting Giveaway
JUCCCE Green Parents Presentation (18 pg pdf)
China Energy Forum -- Beijing Held Nov. 10-11

                        UK Videos      

act on co2


Costa del Marches(Humor)

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