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Capefarewell: Arts

Capefarewell exhibition
Art of a Changing World

Take Aim At Climate Change

Franny Armstrong
Age of Stupid
North American
Theater Premier:
Who Was There
Photos 1 2
We can NOT recommend
this film for K-12 schools or science museums

Academy Award Winner
Available Now on DVD
With "Who Killed
the Electric Car?"

The Great Warming

Watch the theatrical trailer..

Hippoworks: Simon Says "Let's Stop Climate Change"   
DVD -- Fantastic for Kids, Families & Elementary Schools

Earth: An Operators Manual    
PBS: First broadcast April 10, 2011
Broadcast Listings    For Educators   Book & DVD

Nova: Power Surge    
First Aired: April 20, 2011 -- View Preview
Can emerging technology defeat global warming? Are we finally on the brink
of a green-energy "power surge," or is it all a case of too little, too late?

Painting, Sculpture, Fashion and Costumes, Organizations, Books... more   

Artists and art students join climate scientists and educators to reach the public.

Carbon Nation    
A climate change solutions movie
About    Theater Schedule    DVD -- available May 3, 2011
Released February 2011

Gary Braasch's photographs from around the world.
2010: highest increase in greenhouse gases in history   Tuvalu & Kibati   Fiji
Rapid erosion of American shores   Cancun Report   Environmental Photography   

A Sea Change -- Imagine a World Without Fish

Available Internationally: Screening locations & times
Carbon emissions injecting acid into our oceans
Distributor: Bull Frog Films   Sales: Films Transit
To order the DVD
U.S. West Coast Premier Co-Sponsored by

New Documentary on Renewable, Clean Energy Technologies
PDF description    TV Broadcast Dates    Extended Scences   To order DVD
Sponsored by: Professional Engineers in California Government

Since 1983, providing educational media and documentary programming on critical
global and social issues, science and health to: colleges, schools, libraries, businesses,
religious groups, government agencies and non-governmental organizations worldwide
Climate Change and Coral Reefs   The Venus Theory
Climate Refugees    Threatened Land, Threatened People
New Releases    Simon Says "Let's Stop Climate Change"
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Capefarewell: Arts
Unfold Art Exhibition 2010-11
Austria, UK, US (Chicago)

Flyer   Artists    Film: Burning Ice


Cool Climate Art Contest--Winners Announced
Press Release -- Contest Winners   
Finalists   Semi-finalists US    Semi-finalists International
Celebrity Judges    Affiliates
    Contest Rules

The Blueman Group -- Earth to America Video
Low-bandwith version   IPod version   

My Oklahoma Home, It Blowed Away
Bruce Springsteen & the Seeger Sessions Band

Folksong written by Sis and Bill Cunnignham
Humor in the face of tragedy and suffering
Great Performances --PBS Television
Video Performance -- Live in Dublin  (You Tube)
Lyrics & Music Score -- Students: sing it live.

Christmas Poem and Card
Christmas 2050 Poem [pdf]
Christmas 2030 Card [Word doc]

Theater Show for Kids (Ages 4-9)
The Curse of the Grabbers  
by Professor Paradox (also a real scientist)
Climate Change Wales partner -- touring UK

ABC News   Earth 2100
Is this the Final Century for Our Civilization?
Aired in United States on ABC
Amazing program, looking into the future.   
Watch: Portions
Now Available On-line

Melt: A Teenager's View of Global Warming

Clean Air, Cool Planet's Guide to Global Warming Videos, DVD’s and Films  

Created by science center docents and students, artists, and scientist volunteers