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  What You Need to Know, With Tom Brokaw. March of the Penguins.
The Great Warming, Inconvenient Truth. Too Hot Not to Handle.

Theater Show for Kids (Ages 4-9)
The Curse of the Grabbers
by Professor Paradox (also a real scientist)
Climate Change Wales partner -- touring UK

Look Behind You, Professor Paradox!

Worldwide Events
10's of millions viewers
Science museums joined in.

Live Earth India: 2008 Concert Cancelled
Was to be held Dec. 7, in Mumbai
International Concerts -- Broadcasts
The 070707 Live Earth Concerts

Green Event Guidelines   Live Earth India
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My Oklahoma Home, It Blowed Away
Bruce Springsteen & the Seeger Sessions Band

Folksong written by Sis and Bill Cunnignham
Humor in the face of tragedy and suffering
Great Performances --PBS Television
Video Performance -- Live in Dublin  (You Tube)
Lyrics & Music Score -- Students: sing it live.

                        Professor Paradox's Theater Shows      

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