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Our websites are used by millions of visitors from all over the planet.

Whether you are looking for educational materials, or wish to promote fine programs or resources, our web portals are a highly valuable service.

Our Family of Portal Websites:

   Teachers and students are our main website's primary audiences. Here, they find the finest resources available, suiting their particular needs. Developers of education materials also use this site to survey what others are doing worldwide -- allowing us to better collaborate and collectively produce ever finer resources.

Global Warming Kids .Net
   This site serves millions of kids internationally -- being kids. Kids use the web differently than adults. Our choices are based on study of what kids actually use and learn from. The resources we select must be strong in sound science and education content.

   Also provided are positive examples of kids groups that have actively taken on climate change. Kids want to do what they can do NOW about global warming, and find reputable clubs they can join.

   We recognize that one of the most effective ways kids act positively is to help educate others, young and old -- about what they have learned on the science of climate change. Children are among society's best promoters of science -- we believe in encouraging that. Actively teaching motivates one to learn even more.

   Most adult's exposure to science comes not by reading science magazines or watching science TV programs, but while in the presence of their children. Helping on homework, working on a science fair project, going to a museum or while out in nature. Reaching children is one of the most powerful ways of reaching adults.

   Further, we owe it to kids to allow them to learn the facts. It is their world we are changing. They deserve the truth and a say in what is happening.

Global Warming California .Net
   California Climate Change and Energy-- Education Resources Catalog.
   Focusing on programs and resources in California, with heavier emphasis on practical
partnership building. We work closely with most of the organizations listed in
this directory.

   ClimateChangeEducation.Org is recognized by the State of California as a pioneer
in education on the science of global warming.

Global Warming Museum .Net

   This site is a catalog of programs at science centers and museums: exhibits, hands-on demonstrations, events, activities, teacher trainings, field trips, and other presentations.
We have supported the ASTC's IGLO program since its inception. There is a constant need to encourage programs to learn from and help each other. It's too easy for each museum and their wesbites to work alone, and fail to support a portal that points to great science center programs collectively all over the world.

   All our websites are well suited for family use.

Fostering Co-operation, not destructive competition :

Efficiency, not waste. Avoiding unnecessary duplication:

Search engines are amazing; but we do things they can't do.
Search engines are incredible machines, driven by brilliant algorithms. Our portals do not attempt to duplicate what these tools can do.

Our sites are carefully edited by humans. Selections are made by experts in the field of climate change -- real educators and scientists. We vet the resources we recommend. Our evaluators include students and kids -- materials should be something they would like to use.

Much of what we run comes from recommendations and requests. We are flooded by suggestions, constantly receiving emails and phone calls from programs asking for us to link to them.

In most cases, and as much as possible, we are in human communication with the representatives of the resources we link to. We ask questions and maintain a dialog. In many cases, we also work with the organizations you see on our sites. Our websites are by no means link farms.

We work to organize resources in a way that helps our audience -- the sheer amount of choices can easily be overwhelming without organization. Our sites allow our visitors to explore new avenues and sample many forms of education.

Our sites are also totally at the service of education and the public. Search engines are designed primarily to generate a profit and a higher stock value. Each can be very effective at what they do, but produce different results.

We don't take paid advertising. Listings are free -- based on quality and effectiveness of materials:

Focus on Education on climate change and global warming solutions.

There are tens of thousands of websites on climate change. Many are of great value, but the vast majority focus elsewhere than on education -- this includes several excellent portal sites. Most emphasize news, policy, politics, or science reports that are not readily usable by educators or students.

We focus on our specialty, and hand off visitors who seek materials not primarily suited for education to the best of our sister portals.

We are an education hub.

To contact ClimateChangeEducation.Org, please write us.

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