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Our Relation to Non-Profits:

We work with and support a multitude of non-profits/NGO's, as our websites and physical public programs attest. We are constantly flooded with requests for help.

Our approach is to bring many quality programs and resources together -- connecting them with millions of eager people, young and old.

When we started in California in 1999, there were dozens of non-profits involved in climate change. Now there are hundreds locally, and tens of thousands worldwide.We didn't feel then, and don't feel now, that what is needed is just yet another NGO -- we've continued on as a volunteer organization.

We listen to scientists, educators, families and kids first and foremost. The feedback we receive is that our work is very valuable. We didn't wait for people who control large sums of money to finally decide that the kind of work we do should indeed be funded. The need was clear, with no time to waste. Much was required. As volunteers, we just went ahead and did it.

Our mission is one the existing non-profits largely have yet to take on. Alas, most non-profits are directed by funders to stake out a certain areas and craft an image that they are the only game in town worthy of support. The non-profit world is highly competitive. In contrast, we have worked for a collaborative approach, big picture perspective. To us, it is very apparent the limitations of NGO's working in isolation.We've sought to further science education on climate change throughout California, across the United States and around the world. We promote and support a multitude of non-profit programs.

We welcome non-profit involvement and encourage the development of paid staff doing what we do. In no way do we want to stand in the way of that happening. We actively support non-profits when they pursue funding to do our type of work.

We look forward to the day that a non-profit is ready to seriously incorporate our efforts into their mission. We will gladly work with them. Perhaps, there will be a non-profit that will absorb our programs into theirs. We would then continue to be volunteers -- for that non-profit.

In the meantime, we will continue to support many non-profits, educational institutions, government agencies, businesses, and individuals.

If you are part of a non-profit, or are thinking of starting one, that would benefit from having ClimateChangeEducation.Org programs being a part of yours,
contact us. Let's talk.

-- The volunteers of ClimateChangeEducation.Org

To contact ClimateChangeEducation.Org, please write us.

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