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Action Plan

Case Study:
Action Plan of 1998

The Case of   The flawed. The faulty. The failures. And, the faked:
Testing Out Hands-on Science Demonstrations, Labs & Activities on the Greenhouse Effect; Global Warming

Do demos like these accurately and effectively demonstrate the greenhouse effect; how global warming works? Do they demonstrate what they claim?

Think Progress -- Green
Corporate-Funded Plan To Teach
Children That Climate Change Is A Hoax

by Brad Johnson

Global Climate Science Communications Action Plan -- 1998
A look into one way industry lobbyists have made schools, teachers and students an integral part of public communications plans for at least 14 years.

   The case of:
Petroleum Industry Support for Textbooks on Climate Change & Energy 

Coverage first appeared in the indispensible  
ClimateChangeEducation.org is proud to have had the opportunity to be of assistance
to the highly professional, dedicated and effective staff at Climate Science Watch in coverage of this story.

Climate Science Watch -- October, 13, 2010 -- by Alexa Jay
California’s new state-issued energy textbook avoids climate change, puts coal on par with solar and wind

Climate Science Watch -- December 23, 2010 -- by Alexa Jay
Corporate funding in public education – is anyone watching?

Newspaper articles are now just beginning to appear on the broader topic in the United States

Washington Post -- June 2, 2011 -- by Kevin Sieff
Energy industry shapes lessons in public schools

The New Republic-- June 23, 2011 -- by Mariah Blake
Core Curriculum -- big nuclear infiltrates the classroom

In November 2010, Climate Science Watch and ClimateChangeEducation.org brought extensive documentation to California Watch
about the petroleum industry's influence in the California Education and the Environment Initiative's curriculum in energy and climate change.
Considering that one specific oil corporation is among California newspapers' biggest advertisers, it is very difficult to get an original story in California's press
that contains unflattering information about this major advertiser's corporate practices. Progress was made, however, when the two articles
below appeared -- describing the influence by the American Chemistry Council, working on behalf of another industry,
likewise successfully gained influence in this same state-wide education program.
The plastic shopping bag industry has substantially less financial influence than oil companies, while producing a product that is
currently particularly unpopular in the eyes of many in Northern California. This was an easier story to publish.
The larger and more dramatically intriguing story has yet to be made public: the details of how the oil industry was able to gain so much influence
in the content of energy and climate change text materials for California K-12 schools state-wide.
Stay tuned.

San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, Sacramento Bee
Front Page News Story -- August 19, 2011 -- California Watch
Plastic bag lobbying group influences curriculum

San Francisco Chronicle -- August 24, 2011 -- California Watch
State taking harder look at plastic bag curriculum

Fellow Education Initiatives Complementing Climate Education Watch's Work

National Center for Science Education: New initiative to defend and support the teaching of climate change
ClimateChangeEducation.org survey of resources on education on climate change offered by NCSE in June 2011
Guardian Article, 13 Janurary 2012: US teachers offered support for climate change lessons
Executive Director Eugenie Scott: "If teachers are intimidated and neglect this topic for fear of raising controversy we will have
a new generation that is under-educated and less concerned about an issue than they need to be."

Note: Climate Education Watch and NCSE will be playing complementary roles, as discussed in August 2011.

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