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Global Climate Science Communications Action Plan --1998
A Case Study of Industry Lobbyists Targeting Schools, Teachers and Students; NSTA and others
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Global Climate Science Communications Action Plan -- 1998
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Note: This exact particular plan was apparently abandoned, soon after information about its existence became known to the public.

New York Times
Industrial Group Plans to Battle Climate Treaty
By John H. Cushman Jr. -- Published: April 26, 1998

"Industry opponents of a treaty to fight global warming have drafted an ambitious proposal to spend millions of dollars to
convince the public that the environmental accord is based on shaky science."

Direct from the Global Climate Science Communications Action Plan:
"The advocates of global warming have been successful on the basis of skillfully misrepresenting the science and the extent of agreement on the science,
while industry and its partners ceded the science and fought on the economic issues. Yet if we can show that science does not support the Kyoto treaty
- which most true climate scientists believe to be the case - this puts the United States in a stronger moral position and frees its negotiators
from the need to make concessions as a defense against perceived selfish economic concerns."

"Informing teachers/students about uncertainties in climate science will begin to erect a
barrier against further efforts to impose Kyoto-like measures in the future.

"Organize under the GCSDC a 'Science Education Task Group' that will serve as the point of outreach to the
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and other influential science education organizations."
"Work with NSTA to develop school materials that present a credible, balanced picture of climate science for use in classrooms nationwide."

"Distribute educational materials directly to schools and through grassroots organizations of climate science partners
(companies, organizations that participate in this effort)."

Measurements: "Number of school teachers / students reached with our information on climate science."

Victory Will Be Achieved When

• Average citizens "understand" (recognize) uncertainties in climate science;
recognition of uncertainties becomes part of the "conventional wisdom"
• Media "understands" (recognizes) uncertainties in climate science
• Media coverage reflects balance on climate science and recognition of the validity of viewpoints that challenge the current "conventional wisdom"
• Industry senior leadership understands uncertainties in climate science, making them stronger ambassadors to those who shape climate policy
• Those promoting the Kyoto treaty on the basis of extent science appears to be out of touch with reality.

Unless "climate change" becomes a non-issue, meaning that the Kyoto proposal is defeated and there are no further initiatives
to thwart the threat of climate change, there may be no moment when we can declare victory for our efforts.

GCSCT members who contributed to the development of the plan are:
A. John Adams, John Adams Associates; Candace Crandall, Science and Environmental Policy Project;
David Rothbard, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow;
Jeffrey Salmon, The Marshall Institute; Lee Garrigan, environmental issues Council; Lynn Bouchey and Myron Ebell, Frontiers of Freedom;
Peter Cleary, Americans for Tax Reform; Randy Randol, Exxon Corp.; Robert Gehri, The Southern Company;
Sharon Kneiss, Chevron Corp; Steve Milloy, The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition; and Joseph Walker, American Petroleum Institute.

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