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National Center for Science Education (NCSE)
NCSE seeks candidates for Climate Change
Programs & Policy Director
Submit by August 15, 2011. Anticipated start date is mid-September
About NCSE:    FAQ    Video: NCSE and climate change
Examples of NCSE's work in evolution science education
Director and Staff speak on Climate Change: AGU 2009
Eugenie C. Scott, Ph.D.-- Speaking July 15:
Deja vu all over again: Denialism of C.C. & evolution

Speaking October 30, 2011 at National Association of Biology Teachers welcomes NCSE to the field of
climate change science education.
NCSE: a national leader
for decades in advancing evolution science education in US schools.

NCSE has recently entered the field of climate change science. We provide
these links especially to serve as an aid for veterans of climate change
education. This, for those interested in becoming more familiar with NCSE
work and track record.

From the NCSE website on evolution science
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The Wedge Document    How the State Standards Measure Up   Links for Activists
Project Steve: NCSE's "Project Steve" is a tongue-in-cheek parody of a
long-standing creationist tradition of amassing lists of
"scientists who doubt evolution" or "scientists who dissent from Darwinism."

Defining Evolution    NCSE's Youtube channel

Examples are given below of resources NCSE has published
to date related ot climate change education -- June 2011.

These may be an indicator of NCSE's scope and focus in the years ahead.
We look forward to discussion with NCSE staff in the coming weeks
to learn more.

NCSE articles & resources related to climate change & global warming

Video: Creationism vs. Evolution...and Global Warming: An update [only last 20% on GW]
The focus is on creationists who are actively working to block the teaching of evolution
in schools raising similar arguments about the teaching of climate change
science in US schools.

Video: Is There a Need for "Climate N.C.S.E."?

How to Humanize Knowledge, or CSI: Evolution & Climate Change
by Kevin Armitage -- 2011

Evolution, climate change, plate tectonics, and string theory -- Sept. 2008

From Evolution to Global Warming? -- May 2010
"Science deniers, creationists, and their fellow travelers aren't just targeting evolution.
Now they're turning their sights on global warming. Proof positive?
The South Dakota legislature has passed House Concurrent Resolution 1009,
which encourages teachers to present 'balanced teaching' on global warming.
The state senate has passed a similar resolution."

Article in Science Progress by NCSE staff member Joshua Rosenau:
Climate Change Preps for Its Scopes Trial State Legislatures
Take Up the Assault on Science
-- Feb 2010

"Legislators in South Dakota seem bent on becoming anti-science pioneers.
After a century of anti-evolution policies and legislation across the United States,
the South Dakota legislature is set to become the only one in the nation
to micromanage what teachers should say about global warming."

Notes Rosenau: "Science is not and should not be resolved through the legislative
process, and the details of what teachers present as science should not
be dictated by legislators with no experience as scientists or teachers."

Joshua Rosenau quoted in Wired Magazine article -- Feb. 2010
New Mexico Bill Seeks to Protect Anti-Science Education

2011 Climate Education Specialists, since 1999
We are a team of teachers, docents, scientists, engineers, techs, artists, students and parents providing
pro bono services for thousands of climate education programs worldwide. While primarily based at science museums
and the University of California, we work with hundreds of schools, programs and science institutions around the world
to strengthen the climate education community.  If we should be working with you too, let us know.