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•This catalog can be a valuable addition to your list of links. We provide a valuable service to you and your visitors -- a single source for hundreds of up to date, great resources. Striving to cover all angles.

Important test to us :

Easy, inexpensive way to reciprocate.
Having mutual links is one of the best ways for web sites to help one another


We do take into account whether or not a given site links to us and others -- in deciding how prominently to display a listing. It is an indication of the value they place on partnerships, and whether "they play well with others." Do you share a desire to work together, as others do in this catalog?

Indication of wise use of resources

Rather than competing for a high web profile, wasting money vying in advertising, we help educational partners to work together.

A common reason for NOT linking to portals like ours.
We have learned that the main reason some websites choose not to link to portals is that they wish to give the impression that theirs is the only strong program around. To link to us might show one's visitors -- or one's funders, or one's boss-- that there are other good resources available.

Truly outstanding programs and resources need not worry.

Linking to us does not indicate or imply that you agree with, or are endorsing the other organizations and programs we list on our sites. Ours are hub websites, information resource centers. We point to a wide and diverse variety of resources. The views expressed on other websites are those of their writers, editors and producers.

That said, you will see that we promote very reputable sources -- highly regarded by scientists and educators.

We are very careful to choose resources that are suitable for viewing by kids and families.

To contact ClimateChangeEducation.Org, please write us.

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