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Please send us your recommendations by email:

In your email include the following for each resource:

1.) The url -- where to find it on the internet:
For instance, to recommend the Resources page on the Focus the Nation website, one would use:

Find the resource on your web browser, then copy and paste the url (the web address) into the email.

2.) Give a brief description of the resource

3.) Where to be listed
Indicate in which sections of the Educator Resources Pages you think it would be most appropriate to be listed under.
== Is it University level, K-12 Level or both?
== Is it interdisciplinary in nature, or is it specific to traditional academic subjects / disciplines.
== If specific to specific disciplines, which ones?

4.) Credit for the recommendation.
Indicate if you would like to be credited for this find. Would you like to be listed as having recommended this resource. Or, would you prefer not to be listed.
We could credit you (as a student or educator), your class or department (and school), if it is appropriate to do so.

5.) Experience in using it?
If you have already used this resource in your class, and would like to share your experience about that with others, write us some about that.

Email Address
Email us at the following address:

Please substitute @ for AT above, and you've got the real email address to use.
Due to nuisance of spam robots, we ask that you make that substitution.

Example of a Recommendation:

Dear Educator Resources folks at ClimateChangeEducation.Org.

I'd like to recommend the following two resources:

Both would be a good additions to the University Level Math Resources.

The first, perhaps, could be listed under:
Linear Algebra -- Calculating Disease Vectors

Here is the url:

The authors are Hyun M Yanga and Marcelo U Ferreirab of São Paulo Brasil.


My second recommendation might be listed as:
Calculating the Footprint of Nations

Here is the url:

This resource is produced by Redefining Progress.


It will not be necessary to credit me or my department for this recommendation.

However, colleagues from my department may soon send additional recommendations. I believe that they would like to be credited and acknowledged, but we'll let them put that in their own words.


I have not yet used these resources myself in class. I plan to this coming week. I will write again to share my experience with how they were received.

Sincerely yours,

Professor Mary Snodenhopper, Department of Mathematics.
University of Yourstate, Anytown.

University and College Level Materials
Resources for Professors, Instructors and TA's

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K-12 Level Education Resources
Lesson Plans, Class Topics, Student Projects

More being added as January 31st nears
University education programs working with K12 schools:
Send us your recommendations, examples of your work.
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